Optixcare Eye Cleaner 100ml

Optixcare Eye Cleaner 100ml

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Optixcare Eye Cleaner is a mild cleansing solution that can be used clean around your pet’s eyes, and the eyes themselves.

Designed to be used as part of a cleaning routine, the solution can be used to flush any contaminants from the eye itself, and will gently dissolve any dried matter and dislodge any debris from around the eye.

Optixcare Eye Cleaner will also help to reduce and remove any tear stains over time, and will help to soothe any irritated skin that can occur under the staining or debris.

Optixcare Eye Cleaner contains chamomile & hyaluron to gently clean, soothe and hydrate the eye and eye surroundings. It does not contain any peroxide, bleaches, boric acid, antibiotics or other toxic chemicals.

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