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Last updated: 27 May 2022

Summary of Changes

We’ve updated our terms and conditions to make them simpler and easier to understand. Here at Laybuy we work hard to ensure our customers understand what Laybuy is and how to use it. As part of this work, we asked Fairer Finance to help us make our terms and conditions fairer, simpler and clearer. We’ve done that now and we’re happy to achieve Fairer Finance’s “Clear and Simple” mark.


Thank you for using Laybuy.

This document, and any changes we might make to it, forms an agreement between us and you. Make sure you read it carefully. When we use ‘us’, ‘we’ or ‘our’ in this document we mean Laybuy. When we use ‘you’ in this document we mean anyone we’ve authorised to open an account and use the platform.

You can’t transfer your rights under this agreement to anyone else. We can transfer these terms, or any rights or benefits we have under them, at any time – for example, if we sell your loan to another company. We don’t need to ask for your consent to do this, unless transferring would harm your rights and responsibilities.

The law of whichever part of the UK you live in applies to these terms and conditions. If you take legal action against us, it will normally be dealt with by the English courts. But if you live in Scotland or Northern Ireland, you can choose to take us to court there instead. If we take legal action against you, it will always be dealt with by the courts where you live.

If any part of this agreement is found to be illegal or void, this doesn’t affect the whole agreement. The rest of the terms will still be valid and will still apply to you and us.

Who can use Laybuy?

Only shoppers who are over 18 and have a valid credit or debit card can use Laybuy. When we say ‘valid’ we mean the card is in your name, and within the expiry date. There should be enough money on the card to make each payment when it’s due for each purchase you make. You must also live in the UK permanently and have a valid passport or driver’s licence.

How do you shop with Laybuy?

With Laybuy, you can pay for something you buy by spreading the total cost over six equal payments. You can either shop in the Laybuy app, on the Laybuy online platform, or using your Laybuy Card. If you use a Laybuy Card, then the ‘Laybuy Cardholder Terms of Use’ apply to you. You can find them at Depending on whether you buy your items through the platform or the Laybuy app, you might buy directly from us, or from the retailer. We’ll let you know at checkout if you’re buying directly from us.

Remember, it’s up to you to make sure your card has enough money on it to pay the total price of the item you buy. It’s also your responsibility to pay any extra bank or card charges linked to your purchase. We’ll need to approve your payment method before you buy anything.

If you’re a new user

If you’re a new user, we’ll do a credit check and give you a credit score before you shop with Laybuy. Once we’ve got this score, and your account has been verified, we’ll give you a Laybuy limit. You can buy items that cost more than your limit, but your upfront payment will be larger than the other five payments. We’ll still need to approve each purchase you make.

How will Laybuy take your payments?

For anything you buy using the platform or the app, you must pay us the total cost in six equal weekly payments. We won’t charge you any interest on the amounts you have to pay us.

The first payment is due at the time you buy your item. The second payment will be due exactly a week after. You can change the day your payments are due at time of purchase. But, your second payment can't be due more than a week after the day you made your first payment. The four other payments will be due on this same day for the next four weeks. We will display your payment schedule when you make a purchase and you can review the schedule in your Laybuy account at any time. These payments will be taken automatically from the card you used to make your first payment, unless you change your card in your Laybuy account.

For example, if you bought something with Laybuy on a Friday and the total price of the item was £60, you’d pay £10 straight away. You’ll then pay another £10 each Friday for the next five weeks. If, for example, you changed your second payment due date to a Thursday, you’d then pay another £10 each Thursday for the next five weeks. If you want to pay off a purchase earlier you can do so in your Laybuy account.

When you use the platform you allow us to charge the six payments to the card you chose to use at checkout.

Can you make payments earlier than the due date?

You can choose to make a weekly payment earlier than the due date at any time. You’ll be able to do this in your Laybuy account or in the app. This won’t change the due dates of any remaining payments you have to make.

What happens if you buy an item that pushes you over your limit?

If the cost of your item goes over your limit, the first payment you make will cover the difference between your limit and the total cost of the item. We call this ‘Laybuy Boost’.

For example, let’s say your limit is £60, and the price of the item you want to buy is £80. On the day you buy the item, you’ll make your first payment, which will be £20. This is the difference between your limit (£60) and the total cost (£80).

We’ll then divide what’s left of the total cost of your item over five payments. For this example, you’ll pay £12 for the next five weeks. We’ll take these payments in the usual way, on the same day each week.

Using the Laybuy app or the online platform

The platform is free to use online or in the app and the app is free to download. We might need to update the platform or the app from time to time. We’ll do this automatically and might sometimes upgrade you to the latest update without telling you. The app or platform may be temporarily unavailable whilst we do the update and fix any errors.

To use Laybuy, you’ll need to create an account login and password, which you’ll use every time you want to buy something with Laybuy. You must keep this login information private and secure and not allow anyone else to use your Laybuy account. You must also do your best to keep your computer or device safe. If someone else uses your Laybuy account to buy something, you’ll be responsible for the purchase, even if you didn’t agree to it.

You must not let anyone else use your login to buy something. If you think someone else has used your account, or knows your login, you must tell us immediately at You’ll still be responsible for making the payments. This is the case even if, for example, you give your login details to a friend or family member, and they buy something with Laybuy. The bottom line is you’re responsible for all purchases made using your account.

In any case, you won’t be responsible for purchases made using your Laybuy account due to fraud that’s outside your control. This includes if you’re a victim of fraud because we haven’t kept the app or platform secure.

You must take care not to damage the app or the platform.

Shopping with Laybuy App Exclusive

You can find App Exclusive shops within our Shop Directory. These are shops where you can only pay using Laybuy if you access them through our app. To use it, select the store in the app, browse as normal, choose your items and go to checkout. We’ll fill in as much as we can at checkout using the customer details you gave us when you opened your account. A virtual Laybuy card will be auto filled in the payment section, and once you confirm, the cost will be spread over six payments.

When you buy something from an App Exclusive shop, this means you’re buying the item from the retailer directly. You can only buy from App Exclusive shops that accept the virtual Laybuy card.

What happens if you fail to make a payment

When one of your payments has failed, we’ll send you an email straight away to let you know. We’ll then try to take that payment 24 hours later. If it fails again, we’ll charge you a late fee of £6. If you don’t make the payment within the next seven days, we’ll charge you another late fee of £6. We’ll do this up to a limit of £24 for each time you buy something with Laybuy. The late fee will be taken from the default payment method for your Laybuy account. If we still can’t take the payments after this, we might have to get a debt collection agency to collect the amount you owe us.

We won’t let you buy anything else with Laybuy until you’ve paid us any amounts you owe.

If you need to close your account

You can stop using the Laybuy app or platform at any time. If you want to close your account with us, you’ll need to email If you stop using Laybuy, you’ll still have to follow these terms.

If we need to close your account

We can stop you from using the platform or the Laybuy app at any time if you don’t follow these terms. We can also do this if we think you’ve committed fraud, if we have to by law, or to protect other users. We don’t have to give you any warning and we’re not responsible if you can’t buy items using Laybuy anymore.

If we stop you from using your account for any reason, you’ll still have to pay any amount you owe us.

If your bank card is cancelled

If the card on your account has expired or has been cancelled for any reason, please update your saved card details. You can do this by logging into your account on the Laybuy platform or through the app.

If you need to cancel an order and how to do it

You can cancel most of the orders you make with Laybuy, apart from things like audio or visual recordings or personalised products or services.

You can cancel your order any time before it’s delivered, and up to 14 days afterwards. This 14-day period begins the day after all parts of your order have been delivered. Some shops might give you a longer cancellation period.

If you bought the item from us, you can tell us you want to cancel by using this form and sending it to us here. You can also cancel through your Laybuy account - guidance on how to do that is here. For App Exclusive purchases where you buy directly from the retailer and not us, you must contact the retailer directly within 14 days.

If your order was for a service and not a product, you can cancel any time before you receive the service. If the service you ordered is part of a subscription, you’ll need to check the terms of that subscription to find out about cancellation.

If you need to return an order

We’re not responsible for returns, so you should contact the shop you bought the item from to arrange sending it back. You must return the item in the same condition it arrived in. If you don’t, you might not get a full refund. The retailer may have its own returns policy that applies to your purchase.

If you let us know you’re returning an item, we can pause any future payments you have outstanding until you’ve been refunded. You can let us know by using this form and sending it to us here. You can also return items through your Laybuy account - guidance on how to do that is here. You won’t be charged any late fees on paused payments.

If you don’t tell us about a return, we’ll carry on taking your payments. We’ll do this until the shop you bought from tells us they’re giving you a refund.

When the shop has accepted your return, and refunded the amount to us, we’ll let you know. Your order will then be adjusted straight away. If you still have to make any of your six payments, these will be cancelled first.

We’ll refund any amount you’ve already paid back onto the card you used to pay. It might take 5-7 working days for the money to arrive in your account. If you’re having any problems, please see here for more information.

If you need to exchange something

If you want to make an exchange for an item, we won’t pause your payments. You must continue to pay your weekly amount.

Our responsibilities to you

We want our platform and the app to run as smoothly as possible, all the time. But sometimes things go wrong that we can’t avoid. We can’t be held responsible for any loss we couldn’t have reasonably predicted at the time you placed your order or that was outside our control. This includes any extra costs related to your refund claim and the time you spend contacting us and the retailer. Despite this, we’ll always try to help you resolve any issues you have with us or any other retailers.

If we need to make any changes to the terms

If we make any changes to these terms, we’ll try and let you know beforehand, but we might not always be able to do this. New changes won’t affect orders you’ve already made, only those you make after the date we choose. We’ll always include a summary of changes we make to these terms on this website.

You must make sure you’re up to date with the latest terms. If you carry on using the platform or the app after we’ve told you about these changes, we’ll assume you accept the new terms of our agreement. This agreement, and any updated terms, will apply even if you don’t keep up to date with the changes.

How to make a complaint

If you’ve got a query or a complaint, you can contact us at, We aim to handle all complaints as quickly and effectively as possible.

How we use your personal information

We collect and store your personal information when you use Laybuy. Please see our Privacy Notice for more information about your rights.


Laybuy Holdings (UK) Limited is registered in England with the company number 11156956. Its registered office is at 33 Foley Street, Fitzrovia, London, United Kingdom, W1W 7TL. Its VAT number is 378 506 954.