KONG Spin It
KONG Spin It

KONG Spin It

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KONG Spin It is an exciting treat dispensing puzzle toy, designed to encourage your dog to enjoy active, independent play.

Fill the toy with your dogs favourite treats or dry food kibble, and allow it to tempt your dog to engage by pushing the toy with their paw or rolling it along with their nose to allow the treats inside to fall out.

Working out how best to roll or spin the toy will provide your dog with mental stimulation, helping to combat boredom and the associated negative behaviours, such as destructiveness.

You can also use the KONG Spin It as an alternative to a regular food bowl, as it can function as a slow feeder, reducing the speed that your dog eats their meals. If you intend to use the KONG Spin It as an alternative to a conventional slow feeding bowl, we recommend choosing the Large size toy.