KONG Laser Teaser Cat Toy
KONG Laser Teaser Cat Toy
KONG Laser Teaser Cat Toy

KONG Laser Teaser Cat Toy

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Product Details

Watch your feline friend fullfill her instinctual desires to chase, hunt and capture with the KONG Laser Teaser Cat Toy! This two-in-one toy features an interactive laser disguised by a tantalizing teaser toy. The long handle allows you to turn the laser on and off and gives you optimal control to guide your furry friend during playtime. It is purr-fect for a variety of play styles including batting, swatting, chasing and bunny-kicking, making it especially great for beating boredom and increasing physical activity. This cat toy is suitable for all ages and breed types and comes in a variety of fun colours and characters that your kitty will love!

Key Benefits
  • Interactive laser captivates your feline friend’s natural predatory instincts while encouraging physical activity.
  • Colourful teaser toy encourages a variety of play styles including batting, chasing, swatting and bunny-kicking.
  • Long handle with laser button allows for effortless control during playtime with your feline friend.
  • Available in an assortment of colours and characters for a variety of purr-sonalities.
  • Suitable for all breeds and ages from kittens to cats.
What's Included

Batteries included.

KONG Laser Teaser Cat Toy ships at random for a fun surprise!

Remove all packaging before use. For supervised play only. Discontinue use and replace immediately if you notice excess wear. Not meant for use as a chew toy. Not a children’s toy.