Kong Jumbler Ball
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Kong Jumbler Ball
Kong Jumbler Ball
Kong Jumbler Ball

Kong Jumbler Ball

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The KONG Jumbler Ball’s hard-wearing, non-slip surface is made from thermoplastic rubber (TPR). It can easily withstand wild chew attacks and is gentle on your dog’s teeth and gums, making the toy ideal for throwing and fetching games.

Thanks to its two handles, the KONG Jumbler Ball is simple to pick up, shake and throw, even when wet, and the ball's indentations make it easier for your dog to grip with his teeth.

The transparent red, orange, purple or blue shell gives a glimpse of the small tennis ball inside the toy, which provides added movement and excitement while your dog plays. The Kong toy also makes a loud squeaking noise whenever it is forcefully pressed or chewed, keeping your pet entertained for longer. This durable, water-repellent ball toy meets the highest standards for quality and safety, and will bring extra variety to your dog’s playtime.

KONG Jumbler Ball at a glance:

  • Fun ball toy for interactive games
  • Premium quality from KONG
  • Double appeal: due to inner tennis ball and loud squeaker
  • Two handles: easy to pick up, shake and throw
  • Made from thermoplastic rubber: extra tough, weatherproof, safe to chew, gentle on teeth and gums