KONG Catnip Kitten Mice Cat Toy

KONG Catnip Kitten Mice Cat Toy

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Specially designed for kittens to amuse and entertain KONG Kitten Mice combine soft, plush colourful fabrics with a generous helping of KONG’s premium North American catnip leaves providing the perfect play experience for all energetic young felines.

Designed to engage your kitten in stimulating and sensory play KONG Kitten Mice are perfectly sized for young cats ensuring plenty of batting and swatting fun.  Lightweight they enable natural chasing and wrestling action with a fun engaging tail that spurs on their natural hunting instincts.

Made just for kittens for cuddly and engaging play KONG Kitten Mice fulfil your kittens’ instinctual desire to hunt, chase and capture prey, offering a variety of tempting textures to keep your cat engaged in their game.  Each mouse features crinkle material too for even more fun prolonging play engagement whilst supporting healthy play, with two mice per pack available in assorted pastel colours.

  • Cute and cuddly kitten sized mouse toys for lots of batting fun
  • Lightweight and colourful ensuring engaging chasing and batting action
  • Filled with KONG premium North American catnip leaves for even more fun, amusing and entertaining energetic young cats
  • Fulfils your kittens instinctual desire to hunt, chase and capture
  • With crinkle material for added engagement while supporting healthy play
  • Fun engaging tail spurs natural hunting instincts for even more fun
  • Perfectly sized for all kittens
  • Soft and snuggly outer fabric great for quiet cuddle time to comfort your kitten
  • Two mice per pack in assorted colours (colour variations are set and selected at random)
  • Each mouse measures approximately 8cm x 5cm

Safety Note: It is the responsibility of the pet owner to assess suitability of any treat or toy. Always supervise your pet when playing with toys.  If toy becomes damaged or parts come loose, please dispose of and/or replace to ensure safety for your pet at all times. Always read safety instructions on packaging before use.

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