Jolly Moggy Natural Bamboo Radiator Bed

Jolly Moggy Natural Bamboo Radiator Bed

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The Jolly Moggy Bamboo Radiator Cat Bed is a great idea for giving your pet a very warm place to sleep so they stay out from under your feet.

Made out of environmentally-friendly bamboo, a nice difference to the usual drab wood, the bed benefits from a super soft internal cushion and is a generous enough size for the average size cat. These kind of beds are ideal if you’ve got a more tightly packed home, plus they keep your cat warm, which is especially useful for the colder times of year. What’s more the cool bamboo colour and design, makes this a more attractive alternative to those boring beds that can often accumulate dirt very quickly. Easy to assemble, the bed is suitable for use in conjunction with most types of radiators, a surefire winner with both pet and owner.

Product dimensions: L48 cm x W33 x H39.5 cm.

Weight Capacity: approx 4.5kg