Happy Pet Buster & Beau Oslo Cat Pod Bed

Happy Pet Buster & Beau Oslo Cat Pod Bed

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The Oslo Pod cat bed is available is a contemporary dove grey colour or a neutral sandstorm colour to blend in with all modern living interiors.

The top is removable to create an open bed if required or keep it on to create a safe dark sleeping haven for your pet.

The roof is also made of sturdy material to withstand another cat jumping on top to prevent it collapsing whilst in use.

It also comes with a padded sheepskin base to encourage your cat to snuggle down and keep them warm.

Size:  LxWxD (cm) 45x45x30


  • Removable Hood – The Oslo Pod comes with a hood that is removable by a zip that goes all the way round the pod. The pod can either then be made into a dark hidey hole or an open top bed – which ever your cat prefers.
  • Sturdy Roof – The roof is made out of sturdy material so that if another cat jumps on it then it will not collapse on the cat inside so providing compete safety for your sleeping cat.
  • Removable Cushion – The pod is a unique sleek design that is distinctive and definitely cool that certainly provides a stylish sanctuary for your cat. The inner cushion can be removed and washed for hygiene purposes.

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