Cutania Glycoat Dog Shampoo 237ML

Cutania Glycoat Dog Shampoo 237ML

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Calm your pet’s irritated skin with Vetnova CUTANIA GlycOat Shampoo.

Renowned as the latest-generation dermatological shampoo with moisturizing effects and calming action, Vetnova Cutania GlycOat Shampoo helps to fight your pet’s allergies and irritated skin. Thanks to the addition of oat (Avena sativa), this shampoo softens and moisturizes your pet’s skin, and due to the glycolic acid, it has keratolytic and lipolytic actions. It also contains ceramides like Phytosphingosine that help restore dry and damaged skin. And due to its epidermis restoring action, it locks moisture in and supports the skin’s barrier effect. 

Its oat calming effect is vital to treat disorders associated with pruritus, allergies, and skin irritation, such as allergic dermatitis. Vetnova CUTANIA GlycOat Shampoo doesn’t contain antibiotics or corticosteroids and features a pleasant scent to leave your dog smelling like they ran through a field of flowers.

Important: Always talk to your vet and follow their advice before making any definitive decisions regarding your pet’s skin problems.

2% Hydrolyzed Oat Protein, 1% Glycolic Acid, 0.1% Ceramides.

Use Vetnova Cutania GlycOat shampoo in localized or generalized areas and determine the frequency of usage. In the initial phase, use this shampoo once a day for controlling hot spots and in a full bath two or three times per week until your pet’s skin condition is controlled. During the maintenance phase, use it once a week or as needed. This shampoo is suitable for regular use.

  1. Wet your pet’s hair with abundant water and apply the Vetnova shampoo.
  2. Massage the hair and skin deeply.
  3. Leave the shampoo on for five to ten minutes and rinse with plenty of warm water. 
  4. Dry your dog or cat and when they’re completely dried, brush their coat.

Quick tip: Vetnova CUTANIA GlycOat Shampoo can be combined with CUTANIA GlycOat Spray for improved results.

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