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Boredom Breaker Natural Treat Nibble Woodroll - Carrot

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Fun and nibble action all in one in this great treat. The edible wood acts as a great gnaw toy with the carrot filling offering an extra tasty challenge! A wonderful and stimulating treat for all. Prevents overgrown teeth and nails and costly trips to the vet!

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Rosewood's nutritional treats and chews in the Boredom Breaker and Boredom Breaker Naturals ranges are manufactured using only the highest quality ingredients. With varieties for gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, chinchillas and mice or rats, it's a fabulous range for small pets of all kinds.

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 Ideal for rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, rats, mice and gerbils.


Made only from 100% natural ingredients.

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