Antos Origins Root Dog Chew

Antos Origins Root Dog Chew

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The origin root chew from Antos is a new long lasting natural dog chew and is the tuber root of a tree. The root chews are full of nutrients and come from sustainable source, making them eco friendly. They are gently harvested, then air dried for several months before being cleaned and then cut to size.

Long lasting
100% Natural
Suitable for all dogs including puppies
Satisfy the natural urge to chew
Low fat and do not contain any artificial additives or preservatives
The origin chews are sold in different weights and because they are naturally grown they come in various knobbly shapes.

Small: 150g - 300g
Medium: 300g - 500g
Large: 500g - 750g
X-Large: 750g - 1kg

The root chews are a natural product, and it is possible that pieces will come away from the main block when a dog is chewing the product. Any small pieces can and will pass through a dog’s digestive system. Larger pieces should be taken away if there is a potential choking risk. Please supervise your pet at all times 


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