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Ancol Travel Water Bowl

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A must-have outdoors accessory, the Ancol Travel Water Bowl is handy, convenient and practical.

A definite no-brainer for holidays, weekends away or any sort of trips with your dog, the bowl is made out of durable hardwearing nylon and is both waterproof and lightweight.
Suitable for both food and water, it can be easily folded up and stored in its pocket when not in use. Complete with clip on the side so it can be attached to their lead or backpack, this is a super easy accessory that means your dog need never go thirsty or hungry.

Approximate Dimensions:
Open – L18 x W15cm x H12cm

The interior of the bowl is waterproof up to the 3cm mesh lining at the top. However, the top lining and the exterior material will absorb water like a sponge. Make sure you wring the bowl after using it to avoid getting wet.

The bowl has an 18x15cm base and can hold up to a litre of water for thirsty dogs. The 12cm high sides prevent spillages and waste.

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