Pooch & Mutt Mobile Bones Joint Supplement

Pooch & Mutt Mobile Bones Joint Supplement

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Mobile Bones Concentrate is a powdered joint and bone supplement:

- Promotes joint comfort and mobility

- Aids development of strong bones

- Contains Glucosamine +14 powerful ingredients

- Saves on medication/ prescription food costs

- No side effects

- Ideal for elderly, working, competing and injured dogs

Just add to your dog's regular food and you should start to see the benefits with 3 weeks.

Mobile Bones is made by Pooch and Mutt: The UK's First Ethically Approved Dog Supplement Specialist.Key ingredients:Glucosamine one of the best-known natural ingredients that helps keep joints comfortable, healthy and lubricatedMSM for tendon and ligament health, cartilage formation and muscle recoveryOmega 3 and 6 to support and lubricate joints and help deal with stressAntioxidants: Selenium, Vitamins C and E to mop up free radicals and help the maintenance and structure of jointsB Complex Vitamins for oxygen supply to the muscles and to help protein turnover bone collagen, cartilage protein tissue elastin and muscleBioflavenoids to help absorption and to maximise joint flexibilityManganese for cartilage formation and bone strengthCalcium, Phosphorous and Silicon for strong healthy bonesMint rich in bioflavenoids to support worn jointsAlfalfa a rich source of calcium and protein essential for tissue maintenanceYucca containing saponins, which actively promote joint comfort

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