Oralade RF Support Rehydration for cats 330ml

Oralade RF Support Rehydration for cats 330ml

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Oralade Cat Rehydration

Oralade Cat, is a highly palatable, ready-to-use isotonic drink for cats providing both Oral rehydration support and Microenteral nutrition.
Specially formulated to encourage cats to readily drink fluids during times of stress or ill health or recovery.

Especially recommended for cats with renal impairment, urinary stones or symptoms of vomiting/diarrhoea.

Its well-known cats can be fussier than dogs when it comes to offering something new to eat or drink, so Oralade cat was designed with a special Roast chicken flavour, to create an aroma and taste they can't resist!

*It contains a unique blend of purified water, functional amino-acids, glucose and electrolytes in a natural chicken-flavoured formula. Ultra low phosphorus and low sodium.

*This unique blend of fluids and essential nutrients, provides fast acting rehydration and also essential nutrients for recovery and supporting fluid and nutrient intakes.
*Oralade Cat can also be diluted to add flavour to water for increased fluid intake or also be served on dry or wet foods to increase appetite.

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