Glandex Soft chews

Glandex Soft chews

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Glandex is a supplement for dogs. It has been developed to help your dog empty its anal glands naturally. This can help prevent these glands from becoming overly full and having to have them emptied by a veterinarian.

Anal glands

If your dog struggles to empty its anal glands, these can get too full and become irritated. This may prevent regular visits to your veterinarian to empty the glands, which is usually quite uncomfortable for your dog. The anal glands are on both sides of the anus. Normally they are emptied when your dog does its business or in the event of any sudden excitement. However, if they are not emptied, they become too full and are under pressure, which is unpleasant for your dog.

Glandex soft chew tablets

Glandex is developed to keep the anal glands healthy. It contains various ingredients that ensure that the anal glands work properly from the inside and are emptied regularly. They are chew tablets with a nice flavour that are easy to give to your dog. The ingredients support the anal glands and digestion. The added fibre makes your pet's stool firm and solid. This solid stool puts pressure on the anal glands, so that they are emptied when your pet does its business. In addition, the tablets contain natural anti-inflammatories, which help keep the anal glands healthy. The glands will be less irritated as a result. Finally, the Glandex tablets contain probiotics and digestive enzymes, supporting well-functioning anal glands.

Recommended for

  • Pets whose anal glands regularly need to be emptied by a veterinarian
  • Sensitive anal glands
  • Irritated bowels and stomach


Weight in kg Number of chew tablets
> 7kg 0.5 tablet per day
7 - 11kg 1 tablet per day
12 - 22kg 2 tablets per day
23 - 34kg 3 tablets per day
> 34kg 4 tablets per day

When starting to use Glandex®, we advise you to only use half of the recommended dosage during the first 5 to 7 days. After this period you can gradually increase the dosage until you meet the recommended dosage. This way your pet can get used to the extra fibre content in the product.


30, 60 or 120 soft chew tablets with peanut flavour.


Active ingredients: pumpkin seed powder, apple pectin-cellulose powder, quercetin-dihydrate, lactobacillus acidophilus, bromelaine.
Inactive ingredients: dehydrated peanut butter, flax seed oil, glycerine, mineral oil, peanut butter, potato starch, rice bran, sorbic acid, sucrose, water.

Glandex chew tablets do not contain grain, soya, wheat, artificial ingredients or preservatives.

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