Easypill Dog Digest Comfort 28g

Easypill Dog Digest Comfort 28g

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Easypill Dog Digest Comfort 28g, previously Easypill Smectite Dog 28g.

The Easypill concept is an answer to a recurring problem encountered by veterinarians the world over: client compliance. In developing an innovative and highly palatable formula the range has been specifically adapted to the taste of pets (a formula dedicated to dogs and a formula dedicated to cats).  Furthermore the cold process technology used to produce the entire range guarantees the preservation of the active substances especially the thermolabile ones.

For use:
- Incase of liquid faeces (grade 5 - 7 on the bristol scale)
- Before a sudden change in diet
- Start of diarrhoea GI upset in short duration

- Bentonite
- Potassium & sodium chloride
- Micronised poultry meal

<5kg - half a portion
6-12kg - 1 portion
13kg - 24kg - 2 portions
25kg+ - 3 portions

Each bar is precut to 7 portions

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