Dijon Kitten Scratcher

Dijon Kitten Scratcher

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Catwalk Collection Dijon Cat Scratcher and Climber

The Catwalk Collection Dijon Cat Scratcher and Climber Scratching post is a classic design cat scratcher; it has a plush grey with white spots base and uses quality woven sisal which should keep your cat or kittens from needing to attack the furniture or carpets. This scratch post also has a plush toy mouse on an elasticated string for even more fun & games for your furry feline.

The Dijon Cat Scratcher And Climber Dimensions & Features

Cat or kitten scratching post dimensions are 31 x 31 x 40cm.

Cat Scratching Post Features: Robust & easily assembled - Encourages natural scratching behavior away from your furniture. - Quality woven sisal - Easy to assemble- Strong and sturdy- infused with quality catnip which will encourage your cat to scratch it and not the furniture.

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