Ancol ActiCat Plastic Playground Cat Toy

Ancol ActiCat Plastic Playground Cat Toy

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The Ancol Plastic Playground Cat Toy is the ultimate cat toy that will keep your cat entertained for hours. Cats love to whizz around batting and chasing the ball on a track, using up lots of energy and exercising their hunting instincts. There is a spring-loaded pom-pom for batting and leaping at.

The Plastic Playground is a fantastic way of ensuring that your cat is kept amused and exercised when they are left at home. Ideal to break boredom and to encourage your cat’s natural instincts.


  • Keeps your cat amused when alone
  • Bright & colourful
  • Hours of fun for your cat
  • Tough plastic, easily cleaned
  • 27cm x 27cm x 8cm

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