Adaptil Refill 48ML for Dogs
Adaptil Refill 48ML for Dogs - Pica's Pets
Adaptil Refill 48ML for Dogs - Pica's Pets

Adaptil Refill 48ML for Dogs

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The ADAPTIL Diffuser

The ADAPTIL Diffuser contains the dog appeasing pheromone and is ideally used in the room your dog spends most of their time and covers an area equivalent of a three bed property (50-70m2 ). Each vial lasts up to 4 weeks. Up to 5 refills can be used before the diffuser should be replaced.

Adaptil is deal for dog in stressful situations. Both indoors and outdoors, such as going into kennels, holidays, visiting the vets, coping with loud noises, reducing stress or out on walks.

How to use the ADAPTIL Diffuser

  • -  Remove the refill vial cap

  • -  Screw the refill vial onto diffuser unit

  • -  Plug the diffuser into an electric socket

  • -  Leave the diffuser switched on continuously

  • -  Do not plug in behind a door, curtain, behind or underneath furniture or in a drafty area

  • -  Choose a location where the puppy or dog will spend most of their time to ensure the

    best results.


ADAPTIL is the leading dog behaviour product, scientifically proven to give dogs the confidence to cope with challenging situations and helps to solve behavioural problems.

ADAPTIL is the synthetic copy of the natural “dog appeasing pheromone” released by the mother dog 2-3 days after giving birth. This pheromone comforts and supports her puppies, giving them the confidence to explore the world around them. This dog appeasing pheromone has been proven to have a comforting effect on both puppies and adult dogs during stressful situations and also helps support their training and socialisation.


Many dogs have learnt to cope with their owner’s busy lifestyles but some may struggle with the slightest change. When dogs are struggling to cope they will show changes in their normal behaviour. Signs you may notice include trembling, excessive panting, hiding away, cowering, ears pinned back and excessive drooling and yawning.

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