VetGold Spray 100ml

VetGold Spray 100ml

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VetGold™ is an all-natural Dead Sea product specially designed to promote the natural healing of dry, damaged, irritated and itchy skin. VetGold is enriched with Dead Sea minerals, natural oils and natural plant extracts that rejuvenate, revitalise, moisturise and nourish the skin cells. VetGold does not contain any non-organic medicinal chemicals such as cortisone, steroids or synthetic vitamins which, with prolonged use, may cause harm.
VetGold Spray is the first-ever cosmetic spray enriched with minerals from the Dead Sea for the wellbeing of your pets.
VetGold Spray is a part of the VetGold line, the first ever Dead Sea product line purposely developed for use on animals.

The spray revitalises and moisturises the skin, promoting natural restoration to its healthy elasticised state, with the natural active ingredients having a strengthening and reinvigorating effect.
Vetgold spray uses the same active ingredients as VetGold cream and is used on hot spots, scratches, minor cuts and abrasions, and red, irritated or itchy skin.

VetGold spray, like the cream, can be used to support the skin during treatment with veterinary medicines for a number of conditions.

VetGold Spray is easier to apply on long-haired animals (so no more shaving), or between pads or digits, making this an ideal non-contact application for very sore skin.


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