Samylin Liver Support Tablets 30pk

Samylin Liver Support Tablets 30pk

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Samylin is a nutritional supplement used in dogs and cats suffering from liver disorders to help maintain healthy liver function.

The liver has an essential role in many body functions, such as metabolism and storage of nutrients. Daily it is exposed to many threats and toxins. Samylin helps protect the liver via a complex of antioxidants that provide the best possible protection. It contains the antioxidant Glutathione precursor SAMe and thiol donor Silybin, vitamin E and C for management of liver disorders.

Small Breed 30 Tablets - Dogs and Cats up to 10kg bodyweight

Medium Breed 30 Tablets - Dogs 11 - 30kg bodyweight

Large Breed 30 Tablets - Dogs 30 - 40kg bodyweight

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