Royal Canin Pill Assist for Cats
Royal Canin Pill Assist for Cats
Royal Canin Pill Assist for Cats

Royal Canin Pill Assist for Cats

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Available in 45g pouches,
Royal Canin® Pill Assist is specially formulated to help make medication administration easier for adult cats like yours. Thanks to its soft, mouldable texture, Royal Canin® Pill Assist easily covers and disguises most types of pills, making pill time a much easier and more enjoyable daily routine for you both. Each piece of Pill Assist kibble only contains 3 calories per piece. It's also highly palatable in taste and texture to appeal to your cat's appetite.
Thanks to an optimal balance of vitamins and prebiotics, Royal Canin® Pill Assist also helps to support your cat's digestive health. Simply place your cat's tablet inside a piece of the kibble, mould the kibble around the tablet so it isn't visible, then feed it to your cat. It is important that you hold, mould and give Pill Assist with one hand, and manipulate and insert the medication with your other hand. That way, you avoid spreading the tablet's taste on the surface of the Pill Assist. Royal Canin®
Pill Assist should be stored at room temperature, in a dry place, and in its original packaging (tightly closed).
It is not recommended to keep a pack opened for longer than one month. Be sure to follow the on pack-feeding guide to adhere to your cat's daily intake allowance.

Key Benefits

  • Effective Pill Intake:
  • Pill Assist was shown to ensure a daily pill acceptance in 91% of cases*
  • Mouldable Texture: Easy to mould and shape for most pills
  • Adapted energy & vitamins: Only 3 calories per piece
  • *Royal Canin® Internal Study 2019

Recommended for

Adult cats


Glycerine, dehydrated chicken protein, wheat flour, hydrolysed poultry liver, wheat gluten, palm oil, hydrolysed yeasts (including fructooligo-saccharides), glucose syrup, hydrolysed fish extract.


Vitamin C: 280 mg, Vitamin E: 750 IU - Technological additives: gum Arabic - Preservatives - Antioxidant. Product protein 21%, Product crude oil fats 12.5%, Product crude fibre 1.1%, Product crude ash 18%, Product moisture 23%.