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Ancol Acticat Fat Boy Cat Scratcher

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Scratching plays an essential part in feline pets' health and communication. It helps them strengthen their back muscles and relieve stress. Scratching also helps them keep their claws sharp. So, now you know why they scratch the sofa or mattresses.

To prevent this destructive behaviour, you should get your furry friend a sturdy cat scratching post. The best choice would be Ancol Acticat Fat Boy Cat Scratcher as it is designed keeping cats' scratching needs in mind. The Fat Boy scratch post is the oversized scratch post that's ready for attack. You can keep your cat entertained for hours with this large scratching post.

This Ancol Fat Boy cat scratcher is ideal for jumping, scratching, playing, as it will stimulate your cat's prowling instincts. Your beloved kitty will be able to relieve stress and stretch its back and shoulder muscles with these best cat scratchers. It also helps promote physical and mental stimulation which is needed to ensure they are active, fit, and healthy. The scratching helps in the maintenance of your cat's claws.

Featuring over 60 metres of hardwearing sisal rope, these fat boy scratching posts for cats can take the strength of even the toughest cats. The best part about this cat scratcher is that it is infused with catnip to entice the cat even more as catnip attracts cats. Designed with a generous 70cm height and 24cm width, several cats can use this scratcher at once and even large cats can get a full stretch. This cat scratcher is sure to keep your cat happy and excited all the time.

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