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Rosewood Rabbit Activity Tunnel

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Boredom Breakers Rabbit Activity Tunnel (assorted) For Rabbits and Guinea Pigs! All small animals love to shelter in and explore tunnels. Each tunnel can be joined to an additional tunnel by velcro tabs to form a stimulating 'maze' for your pet, it can also can also be used in conjunction with the Boredom Breaker Pop-Up Tent (Large) to provide extra adventure fun for your small pet.

  • Soft, easy clean fabric - hose or wipe down.
  • Velcro tabs allow you to connect additional tunnels.
  • 90cm long - designed to fit inside standard runs.
  • Ideal for indoor outdoor play.
  • Join two or more together for even more fun.
  • Comes with it's own zipped bag for storage.

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