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Rosewood Luxury Cat Tunnel

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This Rosewood Luxury Cat Tunnel is the ideal hiding and resting place for your feline friend.

This versatile tunnel is great for cats of all ages, as you can mount it on a radiator, or depending on your cats agility, you can house it on the floor. The sturdy construction and great design mean that this cat tunnel will be secure, and steady in either position.

Cats will love to hide away in the cosy recesses of this tunnel, and being covered in a deep and luxurious faux fur, this really is the last word in luxury. The cover is removable, so when you want to freshen things up it is a simple job to pop it in the washing machine.

  • Easy construction
  • Luxury faux fur
  • Weight: 1.25kg
  • Floor or radiator mounting

Cats love to be pampered, and with this tunnel, they get a bed, privacy and luxury all in one.

Dimensions: L46 x W38 x H27cm