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Rosewood L'chic Moto Mouse

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The L’Chic Moto Mouse Cat Toy is a battery operated chase toy that will drive your cat crazy with excitement and hours of play!

L’Chic Moto Mouse is a triple sided soft plastic toy which vibrates and moves around, that your cat will spend hours following and chasing. Its triple sided design means its movements are unpredictable and your cat will constantly be trying to catch and “hunt” it. Its brightly colour casing will attract your cat’s attention and mean you won’t lose it around the house.

Watch as your cat spends hours playing with this L’Chic Moto Mouse around the house!


  • Triple sided
  • Soft plastic construction
  • Vibrates and moves
  • Unpredictable movements
  • Stimulates cat’s natural instincts to chase and hunt

Dimensions: W13 x D4 x H4cm

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