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Pro Plan Puppy Medium Sensitive Digest Chicken

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PURINA® PRO PLAN® DOG Medium Puppy Sensitive Digestion Rich in Chicken has been created by PURINA® experts to help support puppes with sensitive digestion. It is nutritionally complete and balanced for all medium-sized puppies, supporting them on their way to adulthood. It is also suitable for gestating or lactating bitches.

Our recipe contains OPTIDIGEST®, a selected combination of nutrients that help support your puppy's sensitive digestion for good health. It also helps improve the microflora balance in their stomach whilst also promoting a healthier faecal consistency. At the same time, this food is nutritionally balanced and contains everything he needs as part of his active and healthy lifestyle while he is growing.

OPTIDIGEST® helps improve microflora balance and promotes good quality faeces, thanks to the inclusion of natural source of prebiotic (scientifically proven to increase bifidobacteria for a better gut microflora balance) egg and bentonite, a natural clay.

This complete dry puppy food is made with high quality chicken, which is carefully cooked to preserve its nutritional properties. Sensitive digestion doesn't have to get the better of your puppy - try this complete dry food today and you could see what a difference it makes.

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