Petkin Small Animal Wipes

Petkin Small Animal Wipes

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Petkin Small Animal Wipes (pack of 20).

Cleans & wipes away daily dirt, odour & dander. Fragrance free. Veterinarian approved Small Animal Wipes provide the fastest, most convenient way to keep your pet clean. Each jumbo size wipe is moistened with a fragrance free, natural cleansing formula that helps maintain a clean and healthy pet coat while restoring skin moisture and softness. Also helps reduce shedding and pet related allergies.

- Deodorizing & conditioning plus allergy & shed relief, leaves coat silky soft


Herbal Extract, Protein, Aloe Vera, Lanolin, Vitamins A and E, Oatmeal, Baking Soda, Botanical Extracts

Directions for use:

To open, lift bottom edge of front label. Remove and unfold cloth. (Reseal package by firmly pressing label back down.) Gently wipe entire pet until clean. No water or rinsing required. Use additional Small Animal Wipes if necessary. When dry, fluff with hand or brush if desired. Safe for daily use. Safe for use on pet's face and on pets that lick or teethe.


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