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KONG Cushion Inflatable Collar

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The KONG Cushion provides relaxing comfort for pets during recovery and its easy-to-clean material appeals to pet owners. This inflatable, air-cushioned collar for injuries, rashes and post-surgery is fully adjustable. KONG Cushion offers a better range of motion than a traditional cone, and will not interfere with your pets eating or drinking. Comfortable recovery. Does not inhibit range of motion. Wipe to clean.

Size Neck Size Typical Breed
Small 20-30cm
8-12 inches
Jack Russell, Sheltie
Medium 33-46cm
13-18 inches
Border Collie,Spaniel
Large 48-61cm
19-24 inches
Labrador, Golden Retriever
X-Large 63-76cm
25-30 inches
Great Dane, Mastiff, Rottweiler

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