Grumpy Cat Smelly Sardines Cat Toy 2pcs

Grumpy Cat Smelly Sardines Cat Toy 2pcs

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Cats need to stay active in order to maintain a certain level of physical fitness. Being active will also enrich a cat's quality of life and foster a healthy relationship between you and your pet. In the wild, cats stay physically active by hunting. As pets, they can exercise by playing with toys that simulate prey. Too often they can end up destroying furniture pieces, scratching leather, and wooden pieces in your house. To prevent this, give your cat the Grumpy Cat Grumpy Smelly Sardines 2 Pack.

These Smelly Sardine toys come in a pack of 2, are filled with catnip, and have a delightful felt texture that is designed to attract your cats and satisfy their need to scratch.

This is a perfect way to keep your pet away from various surfaces and furniture, as your cat will spend hours scratching and nibbling at the sardines in an attempt to get at the catnip inside. These toys will your cat pet engaged for hours and you can simply lay back and watch as your cat spends hours of enjoyment playing and pouncing with these Grumpy Cat toys. Perfect for indoor play, these Smelly Sardines are safe to play with for cats of all sizes, but felines should be supervised at all times whilst playing.

Replace these toys immediately if you find them worn out.

Product Benefits

  • Cat toy made with real catnip that is completely safe and durable.
  • Provides plenty of mental and physical stimulation and keeps your cat away from unwanted surfaces.
  • Heightens cats' natural instincts and suitable for cats of all breeds and sizes.
  • Great for solo play.
  • Very cute design.

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