Grumpy Cat Catfish Cat Wand Cat Toy

Grumpy Cat Catfish Cat Wand Cat Toy

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The Grumpy Cat CatFish Cat Wand is a dangling fluffy cat toy inspired by the Grumpy Cat internet sensation and is officially licensed by Rosewood Pet Products.

This Grumpy Cat wand is a multi-texture wand that your cat won’t be able to keep their claws away from. The best thing about this cat wand is that you can be involved with your cat while it plays, giving enjoyment to both your cat and yourself. Also increasing your cat and owner bond.

Rosewood use only the best quality materials and textures in their cat toys, the Grumpy Cat Catfish Cat Wand is a prime example, made from high-quality plush fabric with strong construction.

Watch as your cat spends hours of enjoyment playing and pouncing with this Grumpy Cat toy!

  • Made from high quality plush fabrics
  • Inspired by the Grumpy Cat internet sensation
  • Popular cat toy design
  • Pet and owner interaction
  • Officially licensed Grumpy Cat product
  • Hours of enjoyment and interest for your cat

Overall length: 85cm
Plastic rod height: 44cm
Elastic string length: 27cm (these dimensions are approx.)


This toy is not indestructible. All pets should be supervised when playing. Replace toy once worn.

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