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Feliscratch for Cats 10 x 5ml

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FeliScratch by Feliway is a new and unique way to stop your cat scratching your furniture and carpet by redirecting their scratching to somewhere more scratch friendly like a scratching post!


FeliScratch uses three key ingredients to attract your cat to a new scratching point:

  • Blue colour to mimic the look of pre existing scratches to your cat.
  • Catnip to attract your cat towards the new scratching location.
  • A synthesised copy of the pheromone to direct scratching onto the new surface.

Scratching is a natural behaviour cats use to mark their territory and keep their nails trimmed, so FeliScratch helps your cat to channel their natural instincts into more suitable places than your favourite chair or new rug! 

Just apply one pipette to the scratching post a day for the first seven days, then once more at the beginning of week 3 and a final time at the beginning of week 4 to give your cat the best chance of changing their habit. If your cat is still scratching in undesired areas at the end of week 2 you may wish to apply Feliway Classic to these places where the scratching not wanted.