Easypill Cat Smectite 2g

Easypill Cat Smectite 2g

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Easypill Smectite Cat 2g (Pack of 20).

Containing smectite, a green clay with amazing toxin absorption power (800mx2/g) which physically supports the mucous membrane within the intestinal tract.

The Easypill concept is an answer to a recurring problem encounted by veterinarians the world over: client compliance. In developing an innovative and highly palatable formula the range has been specifically adapted to the taste of pets (a formula dedicated to dogs and a formula dedicated to cats).  Furthermore the cold process technology used to produce the entire range guarantees the preservation of the active substances especially the thermolabile ones.

Reduction of acute intestinal absorption disorders and contains high quality proteins, highly digestible fibers, electrolytes and bentonite.

Reduction of acute intestinal absorption disorders.

Active substances:
Bentonite, Electrolytes.

Instructions: 2 pellets twice a day (preferably before meal) for 5 days.

Packaging: Box containing approx. 20 pellets of 2g (net weight: 40g)

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