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DermAllay Neutrale Shampoo 250ml

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Product Details

DermAllay Neutrale Shampoo is a mild conditioning shampoo formulated to maintain a healthy, glossy coat and is suitable for frequent use. It is pH balanced and contains no colourings or perfumes.

DermAllay Neutrale Shampoo uses natural elements with hydrating and revitalising action to gently cleanse the coat and skin, nourish and restore hair keratin and condition and untangle hair, giving volume and shine and making it easier to brush and comb.

Directions for use

  • Wet the coat thoroughly with clean warm water.
  • Apply DermAllay Neutrale Shampoo to the dog at several points and massage into the coat, making sure that sufficient shampoo is used to raise a lather.
  • Avoid the eyes.
  • Rinse off with clean, warm water and dry thoroughly.

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