Adaptil Express Tablets for Dogs 40 pack - Pica's Pets
Adaptil Express Tablets for Dogs 40 pack - Pica's Pets

Adaptil Express Tablets for Dogs 40 pack

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ADAPTIL Express Tablets are a natural ingredients based, non-pheromone calming tool that can be used to support dogs during stressful events and facilitate relaxation. They are available in boxes of 10 and 40 tablets and can be used for short term fast acting stress relief, and be administered as little as 2 hours before the required effect.

ideal for stressful situations both indoors and outdoors such as going into kennels, holidays, visiting the vets, coping with loud noises, reducing stress or out on walks.


Administer tablet(s) two hours before the beginning of the expected challenging event.Administration may be repeated after 6 hours if necessary.Tablets can be easily given with or without food.For best results, in some situations (such as fear of loud noises), it’s recommended to use Adaptil Tablets in combination with an Adaptil Diffuser.When travelling, Adaptil tablets can be used before travelling and combined with Adaptil spray in the car.Dosage:

1/2 tablet upto 10kg -

1 tablets between 10-20kg -

2 tablets between 20-30KG -

3 tablets 30KG+


Many dogs have learnt to cope with their owner’s busy lifestyles but some may struggle with the slightest change. When dogs are struggling to cope they will show changes in their normal behaviour. Signs you may notice include trembling, excessive panting, hiding away, cowering, ears pinned back and excessive drooling and yawning.