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Classic Sisal Cat Scratch Mat

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Turn your pet's scratching activities to a more appropriate and long-lasting mat rather than on your home furniture with Classic Sisal Cat Mat! This hard wearing scratch mat has a fun paw print border which incorporates a strong fixing ring which can be used to either hang the mat or fix to the floor. It is a great scratcher suitable for kittens and most cats. This fun mat will easily fit into most homes. Cats love to claw and scratch and this simple mat will provide hours of fun and will help in ensuring a fit and healthy cat!

  • Manufactured from tough, hardwearing scratch mat prime material to deliver a mat that is reliable and built to last.
  • Developed with dual-orientation; either hang or fix to a flat surface.
  • Designed to turn their scratching activities to this mat rather than on home furniture.

59 cm x 28 cm