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Blink Jumblers Chicken Biscuits Cat Treats

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Jumblers are a complementary pet food for adult cats Blink is how our cats communicate trust and affection, so you can trust us when it comes to the quality of your cat's food. We keep our recipes very simple to make them very tasty. Unlike other treats, our Jumblers don't include animal derivatives. Instead, we use 46% premium pulled chicken from the best parts breast, thigh & wing. We don't add cereals or grains either. Instead, we add buckwheat that is actually a slow release carb & completely gluten free. Our Jumblers are low in fat but high in protein since we don't add fatty oils.

All our products are made here in the UK and we source our chicken from only the best local farmers in Britain. P.S. have fun spelling out your cat's name with our Jumblers. We love that a cat's slow blink is a sign of trust. We then thought, hey, what would our cats want us to buy on the weekly food shop? So we've created nutritious, complete recipes full of real meat and left out all the things our cat wouldn't want to eat- cereals, grains and derivatives. Did you know- buckwheat is a nutritious plant that is rich in slow release carbs & is gluten-free?

Our Jumblers are baked in wood fired ovens and made with British chicken which means our treats tick the T.A.S.T.Y box too! It's simple really: great recipes + real meat + some crazy cats = Blink!

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