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Beeztees Puppy Plush Snuffle Mat

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With the colourful Puppy Snuffle mat, you and your puppy can happily play together. You can use the snuffle mat to hide all your puppy's favourite treats in. Because the mat has many short and long strands, it will be a big challenge for your puppy to find all the tasty treats. This snuffle mat is made of jersey fabric, which is lovely and soft for your friend's nose. Additionally, the Puppy Snuffle Mat Sniffy ensures you and your puppy can play together, which enhances the bond between you. Only let your pet play with the Beeztees Puppy Snuffle mat under supervision. This product is not suitable for biting into or chewing.




  • 22 x 22 x 4 cm

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