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Ancol Acticat Door Hanger Scratch Post

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Ancol Acticat Door Hanger 

Excellent value.

The Ancol Acticat Door Hanger is a delightful cat-shaped scratch mat that can be hung from a door or propped against a wall. This convenient and unobtrusive scratcher is designed for homes with limited space.

Scratching is a natural, stress-relieving behaviour that keeps claws maintained and stretches out the back and shoulder muscles.

The Ancol Acticat Door Hanger encourages this behaviour in a safe and specific spot. At a generous 87cm in height, the Door Hanger allows your cat to get a full stretch. The Ancol Acticat Door Hanger is infused with catnip, the herb that cats find irresistible.

 A cat can cause damage in your home by scratching on your sofa or curtains or any other furniture so it is very important that you keep them entertained and have somewhere that they can physically and mentally exert themselves.

This fantastic cat scratching post is just the thing to keep your kitty entertained for hours at a time. The sisal rope that the mast of the scratcher is made from is perfect for keeping your cats claws from growing too long and sharp. They can scratch and rasp on the sisal ropes for hours.