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Alpha Feast Ferret Food

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Alpha feast ferret food 2.5kg.

Alpha feast ferret food has been carefully formulated as a premium complete diet to meet all the nutritional needs of working, pet and show ferrets.

Alpha feast ferret food, is the ideal way of feeding your ferrets. It is a premium ferret food that is nutritionally formulated as a complete and balanced diet. Ferret Feast contains a high proportion of poultry meal and fish meal which are recognised as being amongst the very best sources of meat protein. It is easy to feed, removes the odour of more traditional feeding regimes and contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals that your ferrets need in order to remain in the very best of health.

36% Protein Wholesome ingredients - No added aritificial colours or flavours. High quality chicken & fish proteins. Each meal is balanced and nutritionally complete. High Oil content for healthy skin and a shiny coat

 FEEDING GUIDE: Alpha Feast ferret food should be fed ad lib to ferrets as they have a very fast metabolism if a ferret becomes overweight, either increase its activity levels or reduce the amount of food to 5% of the ferret's body weight. When introducing Alpha Ferret Feast to Kits, moisten with warm water until soft and allow to cool before feeding. Remove any uneaten moistened food after a few hours and replace it with fresh. Gradually introduce Kits to dry food after 5-6 weeks.


Key Benefits

  • HIGH QUALITY CHICKEN & FISH PROTEINS: This ensures each meal is balanced with wholesome ingredients
  • HIGH OIL CONTENT for healthy skin and shiny coat
  • CALCIUM and PHOSPHOROUS to ensure healthy gums and teeth
  • TAURINE aids the development of the nervous system
  • HEALTH AND VITALITY: Alpha is scientifically formulated for health and vitality whilst being easy to digest and highly palatable. Each meal is balanced and nutritionally complete.

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