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All for Paws - Little Buddy - Warm Bear

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AFP Little Buddy - Warm Bear

When you get a puppy or kitten, your new pet not only has to leave its mother, but its current nest too. In order to help the puppy or kitten in a safe and healthy way, you can use the Warm Bear. Ideal for puppies or kittens that have just moved to their new owners or for motherless puppies or kittens. The soft toy bear creates the intimacy of the mother through a pleasant warmth. This calms your puppy and makes him feel less alone, less anxious and less prone to separation anxiety.

How it works

  • Pleasant warmth: For young puppies and kittens, it is often recommended that you put a hot water bottle in their crate. This makes your puppy or kitten feel less lonely. The Warm Bear also offers this heat, thanks to the heat pocket. You can easily heat up the heat pocket with tourmaline pebbles in the microwave. Depending on the settings of your microwave, the heat pocket can be heated to the right temperature in 2 to 5 minutes. You can then place the heat pocket in the bear's tummy.
  • Familiar scent of the nest: In order to properly prepare for the arrival of your new puppy or kittens, the soft toy can be placed in the puppy or kitten's nest before the move. This gives the bear a familiar scent that the puppy or kitten associates with the nest, and will help the puppy get used to his new home when he moves.

Key features

  • A healthy tool to help your puppy or kitten.
  • Heat pocket is easy to heat within a few minutes.


38 x 23 x 18 cm